Glass Splashbacks
Due to nature of the product and the exacting tolerances we work to, measuring can only take place after the completion of the kitchen including benchtops overheads and fittings.

Depending on the type of rangehood, this should be installed. In the case where glass is required behind the rangehood, the range hood should be installed then removed to expose fixing holes for measuring. Power points should be in place or electrical wire indicating position of power points visible. Utensil rails also should be installed and removed prior to measure.

Standard glass sheet sizes, toughening restrictions and access dictate the lengths and height of glass splashbacks. If a join is necessary, the measurer will be able to discuss with the clients the most appropriate outcome. Should you be unsure of these restrictions when designing for your clients, please feel free to fax/email over a drawing to be assessed. Our measurer will be able to discuss the surface preparation for the Glass Splashback this is generally removed of any prominent protrusions or variation in the surface height.
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